Childhood photo - full of stories

The author, Brijit Reed, preparing to tell stories as a child.

Welcome to GOS: Generations of Stories

Welcome to Generations of Stories. This site was inspired by my own family and the stories I’ve known as well as the stories I’ve discovered about them. However, as a lover of history, society, culture, science, psychology, music, art, and a variety of other interests, you’ll find a wide range of stories  and interviews here.

Some topics and narratives will make you laugh, some will make you cry, but the intention behind behind each one is to offer something intriguing, something that will generate an emotional reaction, and perhaps even make you want to learn more or engage in a dialogue.

Everyone has a story to share.  Our lives are full of joys, and tragedies, successes, and failures, even little moments of pleasure, comfort, and pain. We forget that there were generations before us– people in other countries, cultures, and societies, whose lives were and are full of stories we can relate to.  Many of these narratives have never been presented and many have been forgotten.  This is a place to share and preserve them.

Generations of Stories – where stories come to life.