The road to Elfland

The legend of True Thomas as told in screenplay format

As a writer and storyteller, I find inspiration in a lot of unusual places.  A little while back, I was looking at my family tree, and came across the surname, Learmonth.  Curious, I googled the name and was surprised to learn that there’s a legendary story associated with it.  Apparently, in the 1200s, there was a young man named Thomas who was a member of the Learmonth family in Erceldoune, Scotland.   According to folklore, Thomas was abducted by the queen of elves and taken to her land, where he became her lover.    After seven years, the queen was forced  to return Thomas to his home to save him from being paid as tribute to the devil.  Upon arriving at Erceldoune, the village was surprised to learn that Thomas had changed, as the queen had given him the gift of prophecy.  For the rest of his life, Thomas was known for his accurate prediction of events, earning him the name, “True Thomas” (and also “Thomas the Rhymer”).

As of yet, my biological relationship to this family is unproven.  However, it makes for a great story.  When I read the account of Thomas, I thought to myself, “I can really do something with that!”  That said, here’s an excerpt from the new screenplay I’m working on, True Thomas.  It started out as a fun exercise, but the story has been going well, so I’ll probably continue writing it.  Stay tuned– I may update Thomas’ story from time to time!

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